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How to work out your Ring Size

Not Sure of the ring size? Here are 2 easy ways to work it out! No need to visit your local jewellers. Just use your computer and printer!!

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  1. Print the Ring Sizer Strip as seen. Ensure it measures the 3 1/2 inch guide to verify it is the correct length.
  2. Carefully cut out the Ring Sizer Strip and cut a small slit by the arrow marked "Read Size Here".
  3. Place the Ring Sizer Strip around your finger and thread the pointed end through the slit. The fit should be snug.
  4. Simply read the number pointed to by the arrow!

Ring sizer strip


  1. Bring a ring that fits well.
  2. Print the Size Chart Strip as seen.
  3. Place the ring over the circles displayed on the page until you find the perfect match.

Ring Conversion Table